Training Camp North

August 5th, 2009

Tri- and duathlete Nicholas Sterghos (West Point, '09) recently trained at "Training Camp North" in and around New Hampshire and Vermont with Mike O'Neil.

If I didn’t beat myself up enough racing the Amica Ironman in Providence, I had the opportunity to do a little more in beautiful Hanover and the surrounding areas of New Hampshire and Vermont.

While I thought I was going to get some great training, meet awesome people, and learn more about the sport of triathlon (and recover before the start of my army career at Officer Basic Course in Oklahoma), I had no idea that I would be in a place I could potentially call home.  I had some of the best cycling in my life and I didn’t even scratch the surface of places to bike while I was there.

I want to especially thank Mike O’Neil, who allowed me to stay at his house — also known as “Training Camp North.”  He made sure I had the best possible training experience.  Mike provided the structure to my training and valuable advice for my future career in the sport.  The training site of many Olympic and elite athletes, Training Camp North provided a perfect paradise in which I could relax and enjoy my life’s passion.

Another big thanks to Brian King, who allowed me to swim with his elite swim club, as well as provided valuable swimming expertise — even though after a couple of days if seemed he was trying to drown me.  I have often wondered what it’s like swimming with an elite age-group swim program.  It is always humbling when you are getting your butt handed to you by kids who are at least five years younger (and some even half your age).

I also got to meet the legendary Nike visionary and creator, Jeff Johnson, who was kind enough to show me his beautiful home and soon-to-be-finished library at the end of his estate.

Thanks all my sponsors who have supported me and given me the means to train and race throughout the summer.  Thanks to all my friends and family who continue to support my dreams and aspirations in triathlon and in the Army.