The land of maple syrup

July 15th, 2010

Training before race in Coteau-du-Lac, Canada.

Back to Canada for the second time, and again for another hockey game.  Well not really, but I did see some kids playing some roller hockey while I was warming up for my race.  Last time I was in Canada, I competed in Vancouver for the 2008 Age-group Triathlon World Championships.

This time, I traveled to a small town on the outskirts of Montreal, called Coteau-du-Lac, to compete in another ITU Pan American Cup trying to grab a U23 spot for USA’s U23 team for the ITU World Championship in Budapest, Hungry.

What almost turned out to be a rainy and windy day for the men, ended up being a perfect day for more than 60 elite men.  The swim took place in a canal, which provided calm waters, but little room for such a big field.  What made the race even more exciting was a pontoon start, which I have only seen in a race watching other pros in my amateur years. You would never think that something as small as start from a dive or first lap exit onto the pontoon, but seconds later running down and diving back off for the last lap, would make the race that much more interesting and exciting, but it is the little things that count.

Nicholas racing in Canada.

As for the bike and run, it was just the basic 6 loop bike and 4 loop run on flat terrain.

As for the my  finish, unfortunately due to a little indecision on my part during the first stages of the bike, I was unable to close in on the next bike pack I needed to be in order to start the run where I wanted to be. I ended up finishing 37th overall with a time of 1:59:41.  I did however have a great swim and my fastest non-wetsuit swim in a time of 20:31. Though I did not grab a U23 spot, I do have a few more opportunities to make a bid for the U23 team.

Congratulations to Ethan Brown who finished first for team USA, placing 2nd overall behind Canada’s Andrew Yorke.  Also, big congratulations to Lauren Goss, who finished 4th overall for the women, amazingly competing in her first ITU race of her short triathlon career.  Lauren also picked up a spot on the U23 team for the women.  I expect that she will be one to watch out for in the future once she gains more experience in the ITU.

Of Course, thanks to all my sponsors — Total Immersion Swimming, Philadelphia Insurance Companies, Serotta, and Sable Water Optics.

As for thanking my sponsors,  I want to especially thank Jamie Maguire, who encouraged me to compete in Canada, since I was originally supposed to race for team PHLY in the Philadelphia Insurance Companies Triathlon on the same day. His support and understanding is just one example of what my sponsors do for me to allow me to reach my potential.