The Nautica South Beach Triathlon

May 21st, 2013


South Beach was the first race I’ve done in a long time that started before the sun came up. Usually, ITU races start late in the morning or early afternoon which gives me a little more time to sleep in.

Brad Williams and I waiting for the swim start

As soon as the gun went off, we all dashed in to the choppy waters.  The waves were much bigger than I was used to, and my swim did not go as well as I would have liked.  I just could not seem to get a good catch in the water. I got cut in the face by someone who forgot to clip their nails which only added to my frustration.

Transition was okay; I wore a speed suit that took a little more time to take off which added to my time. I do not feel that the added benefit of a speed suit was worth the extra time in T1.

When I got out on my Serotta Legend TT bike, I had no problem getting up to speed since the swim had left me with a lot of unused energy.  For the most part, the bike went well.  A solid 58:45 min split, but it felt like I should have gone faster if only I could have pushed one bigger gear that I normally can during training.

Finishing with a battle wound on my left cheek

You would think that the run would have been better than my swim and bike because it is my strong point, but it fell flat: a mid-34 minute run. I guess it’s because I hadn’t done a non-drafting race in a long time, and I forgot how much those can eat away at your legs. I also think that I did not eating a big enough breakfast and I didn’t take in enough calories on the bike to sustain the second half of my run. 

Jarrod Shoemaker 5th, Nicholas Sterghos 16th , Brad Williams 20th

Nevertheless, in the end it was a good race and not a bad one, and it was definitely a learning experience. My total time was 1:57, making it my best performance so far in my Olympic non-drafting career. I’m proud of how much my fitness has increase over the past year.  That kind of time a few years ago would have been considered outstanding for me. I can’t wait until I have a “great” non-drafting race. 

The “cherry on top” was my darling Heather waiting for me at the finish line to help me see perspective in my race, and to bring her beautiful smile that produces a happiness that no race, not even a “great” one can bring.  As for shout outs, I would like to thank Sable Water Optics for their stellar goggles. Their optics are the best at ensuring optimal sighting, even during sunrise where blinding rays can prevent you from seeing your way ahead.