The Battle of Rev3 Williamsburg

June 18th, 2014

As Charlie Sheen would say: "Winning.."

The troops touched down on Friday, all three of us traveling from different parts of the country.  We consisted of two Yankees and a Rebel from Georgia.  The last major battle that occurred in Williamsburg was in 1862 during the American Civil War also known as the Battle of Fort Magruder.  Nevertheless, a new battle was underway in the form of a swim, bike and run.  We were armed with goggles, a bike and some running shoes; victory wasn’t certain, but sweat would be definitely be shed.  The battle of Rev3 Williamsburg would soon commence.

Teammates for Life!

The last time I was in Virginia was in 2009 when I was still attending the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. Our triathlon team sent a small squad to race the USAT Amateur Duathlon Nationals.  I had great success during that event, taking first overall, which allowed me to go on to represent at Duathlon Worlds in Concord, NC where I took 6th overall.  The race was expected to be hot and humid, but a rain storm on Friday brought in some cooler air. Our race started early enough and with most of the course shaded by the dense vegetation, the heat was not much of a factor.

Great Home-stay with the Awesome Broderick Family

Nick Chase and I stayed with a wonderful host family, Alan and Laura Broderick, their two boys and their dog Chip.  Alan decided not to compete in the triathlon this weekend; however he did a Tough Mudder instead. Thank you for your hospitality.  We really appreciated your kindness.

These bikes like to go Fast


The battle broke out on the beaches of historic Jamestown.  The Jamestown River was perfect, not too hot and not cold enough for a wetsuit but perfect for my Xterra Velocity-M speedsuit.  And it was close to low tide, so the current was minimal.  My start wave was a mass start of anyone 40 & under. As soon as the first shot was fired, I sprinted to get to the front.  Not really knowing who was racing and where they were positioned, I let our fastest swimmer get away without jumping on his feet.  From then on, it was a group of 3 of us sharing the lead.  Halfway through, there were only two of us.  The sun was blinding on the way in, but not for me since I use polarized Sable Water Optics, we went our own ways.  I took the straight line to shore while the other guy weaved his way.  As soon as we emerged, we were 90 seconds down on the leader.

Only down 90 seconds from the leader

Free stuff

As I was running into transition, I lost my footing and both knees met.  A pain shot through my right knee, the same feeling you get when you hit your funny bone, but I pressed on.  After a quick transition, I was on my Scott Plasma 2, wearing my Rudy Project Wingspan helmet and charged hard on the road.  It took about 10 miles until I was feeling fresh and fast.  Part of that was due to a competitor passing me and hearing from a volunteer that the leader had put 30 seconds on us.  Not sure if it was the adrenaline of competition or the combo of Osmo Nutrition and Honey Stinger gels but I found some vigor, loosened up and did not let the guy get away.  For the rest of the bike, we powered through the rolling terrain and I kept him within 100 or 200 meters.

James River in the background

By the end of the bike, I was feeling good and ready to attack on the run.  As soon as we rolled into transition we were off after the leader. I was hoping his swim and bike were his only strengths, because he was 3 minutes ahead and I thought maybe I could catch him on the run.  By the first mile, I had passed and dropped the 2nd place guy and only had one more to go.  The run was on a very interesting course, 2 loops and mostly through the forest on a compacted dirt trail, shaded by many trees.  Thinking back to my cross country days, I wished I had some waffle soles – not rippled soles since I did not want to be “digging dog S*&! out of them, for one thing” – name that move? When I emerged from the forest, I could see that I had made up a lot of time on the leader.  At 5k we were off the road and back into the forest.

Nick hard at work and Chip hardly working

The same place I passed the last guy, I soon passed number one and now I was in the lead.  As long as I did not blow up, my speed was fast enough to keep me away. Defeat of the enemy was in reach and victory on the fields would be mine for the taking.  Miles later I approached the finish, grabbed the tape and held it over my head in victory.  My total time was 1:58:04. Two minutes later came second and Nick Chase came in 5th at a time of 2:03:19.  Our Elite Triathlon team director, Kathy Rakel, was 2nd overall female.  I’d say the United States Military Endurance Sports had a great day. For the rest of day we hung with the Broderick family and played tourist in Williamsburg.  Donuts were not the only sweet taste of the weekend.  It felt good to have a solid race after two mediocre ones in the last month.  Next up, all the High Five events put on by my local bike shop Jack & Adam’s bikes.  Although, you may find them in a new location, they are still the same great store with awesome employees.

Colonial Williamsburg Merchants Square

I am fortunate and honored to represent the US Army and race for the US Military Elite Triathlon Team, part of US Military Endurance Sports. Racing and training is effortless and made possible by the following USMES sponsors: BoeingSnappleScottSRAMPrimalAmerican ClassicOsmo NutritionHoney StingerHeadsweatsRudy ProjectsXterra Wetsuits Orange Seal CyclingKlean Athlete and Schwalbe. I’m thankful to be serviced by and involved with my local bike shop, Jack and Adams Bikes. Team Sterghos also includes VasaSable Water Optics, and Total Immersion. I’m coached and trained by Tim Crowley of TC2 coaching. Finally and most importantly, at the end of the day my heart belongs to Heather.

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