From Professional to Rookie and then back to High School

May 18th, 2015


The Rookie Triathlon:



300 meter swim



Over the past three weeks, I had an opportunity to have some fun in some local and low key sporting events. On 3 May, I competed in The Rookie Triathlon in Austin, TX.  I’ve raced it before but had used it as a training event and did not race it all out.  This time, I went full throttle.  In a hurry to sign up online, I missed selecting the open wave category and I was put in the 45-49 rookie category somehow.  The race was designed with open overall, rookie age-group and veteran age-group categories. I did not catch this until right before the start of the swim when my swim cap was not the same color as everyone getting ready to start first.  I asked around and found out I was not in the open wave and could not be put in it so close to the race because it could possibly mess up my timing chip. I figured it was not be a big deal because then I could play cat and mouse starting further back.  It was a time trial start so I just swam as fast as I could with no competition and no warm up. I had the 4th fastest swim of the day.  On the bike, I actually felt fluid and fast and had the fastest bike of the day. On the run I just let loose and went all out from the beginning, since it was only 2 miles long.  I also had the fastest run of the day that secured my overall win.  However, due to my starting classification as a 45-49 age grouper, I was selected as the overall Rookie of the day, which I had to give to someone else because I was indeed not a rookie. Unfortunately for me, they had already given the overall prizes in the open category and I was only left with a hand shake and an apology.  They did fixed the results and I was happy to take home the win, so it wasn’t a big deal.



Final Stretch


Fort Sill Intramural Track Meet:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Now that I had become a rookie, I decided to go even further back in time to my high school track and field days.  On 12 May, I ran the Fort Sill Intramural Track Meet in the 1500 meter event.   I had never done a 1500m and the last time I had raced a 1600 was 2004.  There was a little disorganization by MWR for the start of my event but two hours and two full warm ups later, I was off—sprinting from the shot of the gun.  There were a couple of individuals who were fit enough to take out the lead and press the pace too fast for me to go with them. I did not let them distance themselves too far and waited until 1000 meters in to start reeling them.  At 1200 I took the lead and pressed the pace all the way until the end of the race. I held on to first and finished in 4:05. I had forgotten how anaerobic this event makes you by the end of it and loved it.

I am fortunate and honored to represent the US Army and race again for the US Military Elite Triathlon Team, part of US Military Endurance Sports. Racing and training is effortless and made possible by the following USMES sponsors: BoeingSnappleScottSRAMPrimalOsmo NutritionHoney StingerZipp,HeadsweatsRudy ProjectsXterra Wetsuits ProGold BikingKlean AthleteClever Training, and Schwalbe. I’m thankful to be serviced by and involved with my local bike shop, Jack and Adams Bikes. Team Sterghos also includes VasaSable Water Optics and Total Immersion. I’m coached and trained by Tim Crowley of TC2 coaching. I eat and promote a plant-based diet for maximum nutrition, performance and recovery. I also promote the pursuit of living and relationships—be true to yourself and live life with others.